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Medcolcanna Organics Inc.

Medcolcanna Organics Inc.

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UNIARC s.r.o., Plzeňská 1270/97, 150 00 Prague, Czech Republic
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Our Czech company UNIARC s.r.o. works as EU and Israel contact point for Medcolcanna Organics Inc. (TSX: MCCN, CSE, CUSIP). 

Medcolcanna is a leading Canadian and globally integrated medical cannabis company, whose fully licensed operations are based in Colombia. Led by a proven and successful management team, Medcolcanna has a growing number of facilities in optimal growing locations, which positions the Company to become a global leader in the medical cannabis market.

Medcolcanna employs state-of-the-art organic agricultural technology and innovative pharmaceutical processes to produce high-quality products. Medcolcanna's scalable production model and network of pharmaceutical partnerships globally ensure that they remain at the forefront of the medical cannabis industry.

MCCN would like to expand its market after signing and executing a 5-year deal with Industrial Hemp Farms ("IHF"), one of the largest producers of hemp-derived products in the world.
Medcolcanna already successfully works with UK, EU, and Israeli companies.

We offer medical cannabis with actual THC 24% and up. Certificates: EU-GMP, IMC-GAP, CUMS, CUMCS-G.A.P. The strains COA, prices, product photos/video, and certificates are available upon request.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with us if your company is interested in cooperation with MCCN.


UNIARC s.r.o. doesn't participate in any financial transactions, agreements, and sales. Our role is to collect requests, provide the required information and facilitate cooperation/communication directly with MCCN.

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